I am interested in working with businesses whose product and practice I value. I do my best to choose goods that mirror my own aesthetic and principles when I make purchases for my family. 

It's a win-win: I get to promote cool stuff to my readers and make a little cash money to support my family while doing it and the business gets a bump in clicks and sales. Home-spun marketing that involves the scratching of each other's backs. I dig it.

site stats and reader demographics:

My site sees 60,000+ visits and 86,000+ hits per month. dig this chick has a google page rank of 5. I reach over 1800 people on Facebook, 2000 people via feed and email and have over 700 blogger followers. dig this chick has grown annually since it started in 2007 and continues to grow. Email me if you'd like specific stats.

85% from United States | 15% from 60+ countries
80% female | 20% male
39% ages 18-34 | 36% ages 35-49
52% college | 24% graduate school

My rates are affordable. Email digthischick@gmail.com to request additional information!

and, here is what sponsors have to say...

Piper & Paisley:
I couldn't be happier with it! I've had a ton more traffic and sales than I had expected. Really, it's been awesome! Dig This Chick is so honest and creative, and so cool- I'm proud to be a sponsor, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Walking Stick Toys:
I have been incredibly thrilled with my Dig This Chick sponsorship. She is in my "top five" list for bringing traffic to my website. I had a ton of sales during the holidays where people used the coupon code and I sold out of the items that were featured on her blog. Plus really when you get right down to it, I LOVE reading her blog and looking at her photos and think that she and I are very 'like-minded' peeps so it just makes sense for me to be a sponsor. I'm sure a lot of folks who think safe toys are important also read so it is a fabulous way for me to get the word out.

My sponsorship with Nici and Dig This Chick couldn't have gone more smoothly. Not only did I see an immediate uptick in sales, but Nici's heartfelt, personalized review of my products (complete with pictures) really highlighted how much time and effort she took to get to know my story, and to share her thoughts with her readers. Nici goes above and beyond, and I'd partner again with her in a heartbeat!

Hip Mountain Mama:
My partnership with Dig This Chick has been really great. Nici is very helpful in getting started and is wonderful about plugging my business. We have received some new business from this sponsorship!

Mama Loves Oils:
I am super pleased with my sponsorship decision. I think having a respected mama (such as yourself) spread the word about something that I truly believe every mama and human should be aware of is priceless. I love how intimate you make everything you talk about and I know personally that I want to read every week, and I look forward to hearing about your other sponsors because I know they are sponsors close to your heart/family heart. So I would totally do a sponsorship with dig this chick again and again.

The Yarnbox:
Your product blurb generated more than just sales, it raised awareness about dryer balls and their eco-conscious purpose--my overall mission in making these badboys.  In the future, I will definitely keep you in mind for product reviews as it was very successful in getting the word out, expanding my product beyond statelines!

Urban Baby Bonnets:
I got a good number of sales from your site. Thank you!!!!

We saw a spike in sales from Dig This Chick. Thanks so much!
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