virgin harvest


Whether you are a pro or a novice, become a Virgin Harvester by growing something new!

This is the year you start a garden. Or, this is the year you grow heirloom tomatoes. Or, this is the year you put up enough carrots to feed your family through the winter. Or this is the year you grow basil on your window sill.

Anything, everything. Pick a thing, or a few, and grow it for the first time. Why not? It's guaranteed excitement and satisfaction coupled with epic nutrition and unrivaled flavor. Do it.

Want to participate? Fabulous.

:: Email me with info about how you'll lose your harvest virginity (scandelous!). Please have email subject line read: '2011 Virgin Harvest.' Please format your information like this:, Nici, Missoula, MT, USA: learn to hunt, put up enough carrots, beets, garlic, onion, tomatoes, peas and corn to feed my family through the winter, grow decent brussels sprouts.
:: Join the Virgin Harvest Flickr Group where we will share photos, questions, answers and support. It's more fun to lose your virginity with friends.

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  1. Finny, San Jose, CA USA:  Just planted four spindly Concord grape vines with big dreams for eating them off the vine during cocktail time this fall.
  2. Katie, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: go BIG and grow lots of tomatoes, for canning and oven roasting
  3. Ellie, Dillon, Montana, USA: This year will be big! I just found out last week that I will be receiving federal funding to increase the local food supply by gardening under a high tunnel or 'hoop house'!! One stipulation of the support is that I market or give away 75% of what I this will be my first year selling at the farmers market and gardening under a hoop. 
  4. Sieglinde, Minneapolis, MN, USA: First year gardening with my one year old son so there's renewed energy! First time with raised beds and a watering system. Planting gooseberries, raspberries, asparagus and potatoes for the first time.
  5. Sarah, Nehalem, Oregon, USA: first season of gardening with my new baby boy, first worm bin, first greenhouse gardening, first hops harvest and homemade brew
  6. Cait, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: First time growing all the veggies we'll need for the year; we're aiming big - 1/3 of an acre!
  7. Charity, Central Pennsylvania, USA: first time growing garlic; first time growing gourds and zucchini off the ground
  8. Crystal, Sarasota, Florida, USA: first ever vegetable garden of tomatoes, green onions, pumpkins, cucumbers, and potatoes.
  9. Jodi, Livingston, NJ, USA: Add a greenhouse to backyard, Grow Sunflowers, Try out row gardening in place of one of my raised beds, Extend my growing season, Using my own compost for the first season!!!, Harvest fruit from my fruit trees, Plant berry bushes, asparagus and rhubarb.
  10. Jen, Cape Neddick, Maine, USA: total revamp of the front yard including some raised veggie beds that will hopefully produce tomatoes for sauce, and any or all of the cole crop family! Oh yeah, and establish a strawberry bed, and try to NOT kill my blueberry bushes 
  11. Lillian, Lancaster, PA, USA: We're adding 4 more boxes to our existing 3 - hoping to grow enough to actually can this year in addition to lots of freezing and grow some goodness for our family through the winter.
  12. Erin, Dan & Ben, Petaluma, CA USA: turn juniper covered land into a vegetable garden, grow a pumpkin that can be a jack o' lantern, grow beets, start something, anything, from seed.
  13. Brittany, Killeen, Texas, USA: start some blueberries and possibly strawberries 
  14. Susan, Dillon, MT: Grow enough vegetables for our little family of containers
  15. Patina, trying to grow some tomatoes, marigolds in containers
  16. Jenny Lohmeyer, Portland, CT, USA: This year will be my first time growing a garden outside (in my new home as a first time homeowner!)
  17. Jill, Mammoth Lakes, CA, USA: My friends and I are going into our 2nd year of gardening at a very high altitude. 7500!
  18. bluefish, Missoula, MT, USA: Growing apples (Mac and Honeycrisp); root cellaring/storage of potatoes, pumpkins and onions; constructing potato-growing containers as seen in the Irish Eyes seed catalog.
  19. Tricia, Cary, NC, USA: first time gardener
  20. Jessica & Ryan, Waynesboro, VA, USA: getting chickens, 8 raised beds housing tomatoes, potatoes, squash, pumpkin, onions, cucumbers, garlic, herbs, corn, pole beans, beets...We've had a small garden in the past, but nothing we've put our whole heart into.
  21. Kris: I would like to lose my virginity with beans and carrots; I would like my son, Ben...he's 5, to have his own small plot this year.
  22. Kelsey: My family and I plan to grow more squash (yellow and acorn) and tomatoes this year. We will also grow herbs and will be trying potatoes and carrots this year. 
  23. Lisa, Missoula, MT, USA: I’m starting with virgin soil this year! I have never started a garden from scratch, pulling up sod, etc, so this will be a new experience for me.
  24. Michelle, Lincoln, NE, USA: grow green beans, cucumbers, more tomatoes, lettuce (before the heat shrivels it up), peppers and onions.
  25. Sarah, Kalispell, Montana, USA: first real garden! : )
  26. Catherine: Actually reading what each veggie needs rather than just sticking a seed into the ground and praying; Sow consistently throughout the year; Grow out of the box. I don't want neatly organized rows of carrots and corn, I want a garden that evolves and gets a little out of control; Making sure that the neighbor groundhog does not get a single heirloom tomato; Growing so much that I beg friends and family to take produce from me
  27. Amanda: first time growing garlic and mint.
  28. Carrie: We're starting this year with raised beds for our vegetables, canning for the first time, and doing a rain garden.
  29. Meredith: hoping we have so much luciousness that we can have a regular farm porch stand!
  30. Missy, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada: grow tomatoes and peppers from seed rather than plants, grow potatoes in tires, Can enough tomatoes, preferably my own, that will last until the summer 2012, Make coldframes from our old windows to extend the season on both ends, Not let the garden get overtaken by weeds as in previous years.
  31. Marti: My very first garden!!!
  32. Mary Beth: growing from seed for the first time, planting scallions and miniature strawberries.
  33. Michele: I'm going to plant a few flowers (for the babies), a few herbs, and potentially a vegetable. We're in an apartment, so I'm working with a small patio.
  34. Melissa: grow some veggies in the actual ground (instead of in pots) 
  35. Kathy, Vancouver, WA, USA: celeriac (celery root) and rutabagas, increase the amount of tomato sauce, salsa, peaches, jams
  36. Sarah: first vegetable garden
  37. Sarah: pumpkins and potatoes, and maybe a watermelon; first year canning
  38. Jill: veggies: carrots, squash, pumpkins, lettuce, broccoli, garlic and onions and put in a herb garden
  39. Annie, Maplewood, Missouri, USA: Build square foot boxes, chicken wire covers, and a cold frame, grow squash and sunflowers.
  40. Melanie, Missoula, MT, USA: Getting some grass pulled up and some manure stirred in is probably going to be a good start this year. A brand new plot. True virgin soil.
  41. Kelli, Kansas City, MO, USA: I am planning to build some raised beds in my front yard, terracing in another spot to grow berries. In the raised beds I would like to grow enough tomatoes to try my hand at canning, which will be a first for me. 
  42. Michelle, Boca Raton, FL, USA: To grow tomatoes! 
  43. Isa Honolulu, HI, USA: We planted our very first window boxes of fresh, used-daily herbs.
  44. StephanieMartin, Tennessee, USA: Our plan this year is to go for quality over quantity, One of my biggest goals is to go organic, I am hoping to attempt English peas, broccoli and brussel sprouts, We are also working on a "dwarf" orchard of apple, plum and pear trees. 
  45. ChrissySt. Louis, MO, USA: planting my own little plot this year, for the first time! True virgin style! I'm dreaming of watermelon vines and wildflowers.
  46. JenniferAnnapolis, MD, USA: Potatoes in Bags, Carrots, Beets, Arugula, Beans or Peas, Tomatoes, One pumpkin for my little pumpkin
  47. SueGrangeville, Idaho, USA: first time grower in Grangeville, Idaho. More canning and hydrating and any way we can preserve the harvest. 
  48. Carrie, Kansas City, MO USA: Start from seed- husband to make hoop house, plant garlic for the first time, vertical herb garden.
  49. Sara, Missoula, MT, USA: plant raspberries, go mushroom hunting, get a few asparagus in the ground, and train my tomatoes
  50. Diane, Royersford, PA, USA: Carrots, potatoes, learning how to preserve the veggies so they last for the year
  51. Bree, Ocala, FL, USA: okra, bell peppers, jalepenos, green beans, and cucumbers for pickling. I also want to plant a couple of blueberry bushes. I have never planted anything edible on my own.
  52. Sheila, Gunzenhausen, Germany: I am going to try sweet potatoes this year for the first time!
  53. Cassi, Santa Rosa, California, USA: I would like to not fail my second time around at canning enough vegetables to get me through the winter.
  54. Morgan, Colonial Heights, VA, USA: I'm going to try winter squash and melons on a trellis along our front porch; I'm giving tomatoes a second shot with the trellising vs stacking method. I'm also going to build a raised bed for the first time and plant a salad garden on a little shady plot on the east side of our home.
  55. Crystal, Ripon, WI, USA: This year we will have our very first plot of land at a relative's house. We're going for completely organic and seeking advice on planting tips and what to grow.
  56. Kathy G, Littleton, CO, USA: This year we are switching from the city plot to our backyard. We plan on tomatoes (enough to can for sauce), cucumbers, green beans, peppers, lettuce, watermelon, radishes, and sweet peas.
  57. Hayley, Kennesaw, GA, USA: I just ordered 3 kinds of heirloom tomato seeds from High Mowing! I've never successfully grown tomatoes, any heirloom variety, or anything from seed.
  58. Keshia Doiron, North Rustico, PEI, CANADA: I am a novice gardener but my parents have had fabulous gardens my whole life. This year I want to grow my own garden with the basics (carrots, beats, beans, etc) but I would like to try and grow some herbs!
  59. Meredith W., Westminster, South Carolina USA: Start my tomatoes, cucumbers and winter/summer squash from seeds for the first time; growing acorn squash, butternut squash, lima beans and two new types of tomatoes; also starting a compost bed. 
  60. Sarah, IL, USA: First time planting garlic, radishes, carrots, and turnips. I'm also hoping to try some successive planting this year.
  61. Carla, New Lebanon, Ohio, US: Would like to learn to use a pressure canner to put up more than tomatoes, hoping to plant different varieties of beans, and maybe try some fruit.
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