stepping into the Big Hole

We are all still humming from our little getaway last weekend. Oh, Montana.
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My family tumbled out of town with the grace and lightness of a t rex, into the sleepy little town we visit every year.

Past the bar, post office and church to the cozy motel.

We arrived at 3pm; this envelope held our room keys Photobucket
Stove complete with kissing trout salt and pepper shakers 

Our friends camped a short walk away.


And that was our weekend: to and from the motel, to and from the river, to and from walkabouts (and one little to and from the Patagonia outlet in nearby Dillon where I scored some family winter and my new favorite shirt, a merino wool hoodie that hasn't left my body).

I think maybe Alice had the most fun. No leash, an entire valley of sage, water, carless roads and sticks.


There is something so magical about taking off for a few days. When getting ready, there are times it appears not worth it like when we tornado around each other trying to locate Ruby's baby and my jeans. Or when we stuff our family in the car and still have four stops to make before we can hit the highway. The magic part? It always is worth it.

In this week's mama digs, I wrote about our ritual around the Big Hole River. Click to read catch and release. I had a lot of fun writing this one.

AND, Happy Halloween! My kids have been in their costumes since this morning. My sun-moon and butterfly are napping right now, almost certainly dreaming about trick-or-treating. Wishing you a sugary, ghoulish, fun day and night. xo


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all photos taken with a Canon Digital SLR from Vanns.com


Tina said...

Happy Halloween to you as well! Loved the girls costumes when I saw them on Facebook this morning - perfect and adorable!

You slay me every time with the pictures of the Montana landscape... whether it be mountains, fields, plains... every.single.time.

Ellie said...

Lovely pictures, Nici; makes me proud to call that river mine :) (we were in it nearly every day this summer - it's my new Blackfoot)
Happy Halloween to Margot & Ruby from Amelia & Aven!

Kelly said...

Beeeautiful! Happy Halloween to you. :)

~ M ~ said...

I am envious of your weekend! It is awesome to let the pups run free... Love that last picture with Miss Alice in the road - beautiful photos!

Indiana in B'more said...

love your hat in the first photo, lady. where can i get one?

Annie said...

Lovely. Great reminder of how it is worth it. Because the prep before and the unpacking after....those are not so much fun. Luckily the happy expectations help the before and the cozy memories help the after :)

ctb said...

Love that blurry Alice.
Stick chewing?!

gelka said...

Oh Alice - how do I <3 thee??

dig this chick said...

Love all the Alice love! She was is such paradise there. Yep, stick chewing behind Ruby. Such an awesome dog, that one.

Fancy Pants said...


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