hump day nuggets: short, sweet

It is suddenly August and I find I am thinking about fall. Not like it is right around the corner but the peas are drying up, the pumpkins are coming on. The sun hangs lower and hotter, the last burst before final harvest and clothing layers. Also, maybe the biggest thing in my brain, Margot starts preschool in a few weeks.

It is only two days a week and she would start at 9pm tonight if it were possible. My outgoing kid cannot wait and asks about it daily. She started packing her backpack, which she adorably calls packack about four months ago. Right now it holds her favorite pajamas, lip gloss, two headbands, a purple monogramed cape my cousin made her, three pencils and some fruit leathers. Just in case she says.

The pjs were the most recent addition. Last week we received the welcome packet and a letter from her teacher. I read it all to Margot and she was particularly interested in needing a change of clothes with her name on them. She promptly decided flower pajamas would be the perfect everyday go-to item. I packed my pajamas just in case I really like them.

It is all breaking my heart just a little. In that wonderful way but nonetheless breaking. I have been a bit ambivalent about preschool and looked to Margot for any cue it wasn't for her. Last fall, upon crossing the threshold to one of the most brilliantly alive and creative spaces I've ever been in, she was beside herself. We came for a 30 minute tour and stayed for 2 1/2 hours. She loved it and, therefore, so did I.


So, she has a lunch box and I have a stack of fabric for those clothes I plan to make. School clothes! Goodness.


:: Harvest is steadily coming in. Like the zucchini that triples in size while I tie my shoe.

And tomatillos! Oh how I love those dudes.

:: Cauliflower! My first successful bunch. They are usually puny and unimpressive and I regret giving my precious dirt to such little food. But, as is usually the case, I forget my woes over the fall and winter and, come spring, I have rewritten the story to include something I did to encourage the lame brassica. And so I try again. This year it panned out.


:: Garlic! No vampires in our hood. Assisted by my dad and Ruby we pulled up the spicy dudes, washed and set out to cure.


:: Cabbage! If I had a farm I'd grow rows of cabbage. Those taught, secure bundles of love. They are so organized, predictable and mission-oriented.


:: Andy recently had some blog sponsor suggestions for me: Federal Reserve, IRS and Big Dipper Ice Cream. I'll let you know how it pans out.


:: Margot has taken to sleeping in a bit. Ruby, however, remains our early morning HELLO! girl. I do love that time with just her and her goofiness over oatmeal.


:: Readying for a Sunday brunch with friends.


:: Welcome to new sponsor, Annie Florin Photography. Annie takes swoony photos of kids, families and weddings. In addition to admiring her skill, I totally dig her style: very authentic, spirited and interesting. She says, "My goal...is to create a documentary in still pictures that will capture the story of your day not just as it looked, but as it felt." I love that.

Contact Annie for more information. Thanks, Annie Florin Photography!

:: The girls woke with feverish colds this morning. It was a slow, cuddly day. A day for smoothies.


Ruby was having a heck of a time with the jar and straw but no way in hell was she going to drink from a different receptacle than her big sister. It was then I leaped onto the table, one hand on my hip, the other high and proud and exclaimed, Eureka! Not really, but that is what it felt like when I had The Best Idea In the Universe: I punched a hole in an old canning lid.

I placed the lid on the lawn to catch the fat nail as it pounded through. My daughters mirrored my excitement. 

:: Margot comes peeling into the kitchen, "Mama! Listen to this! Hey, Ruby, can I please have ice cream and watch a movie?" and then Ruby says, "YES!" and then Margot says, "Check that out mama. I guess we have to eat ice cream now. What movie should we watch?"

This cap was the first of a new sale thing I am trying on facebook (thanks to the suggestion of a reader!): every so often I'll make something and post it there. Only one available in one size, ready to ship. If you want it, you say so and I ship it that day! (shroom cap is sold)

:: I am so thankful there is still a lot of summer to marinate in.

parsnip, kohlrabi and Ruby in one of my old outfits

:: "Mama, I think I'll be a mom some day. When I am big. I think that would be great."

first, preschool, darling baby girl

Time, life, experience, seasons. Short and sweet. So sweet.


happy hump day out there


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all photos taken with a Canon Digital SLR from Vanns.com


Jennifer said...

Awe, I really enjoyed this read this evening. And TOMATILLOS! I am so envious you got them to grow. I am in Texas and they are a staple in our home. I make the best salsa with them, that will also make it's way into soups and casseroles. I just lack the green thumb and we are in a drought, a bad drought.

Any pictures of pumpkins? I loved that big one you harvested last year. When we first moved into our home I planted pumpkins right away and found these pumpkin wood cut outs on stakes and painted them orange and there were three and I spelled out Brianna's Pumpkin Patch. Well, I didn't know I should not water them at night and a fungus killed it all. I was bummed. But I had this grand idea we would have a lot of pumpkins come fall and throw a party and have the neighbors over for a fall shindig and carve pumpkins.... It can still happen. Maybe next year.

I love that Ruby's curls are growing back in and Margot in the ballet getup with boots, frame it! LOL Super cute and like the words of the photographer, she caught the moment!

I am ready for fall and all the glory it brings.



Katie said...

Preschool??! OMG. This is all happening way too fast. One day you're talking about how peas grow and the next day preschool for Margot? And as I scroll through the pics on this most recent blog post - she looks like a little girl now. No mistaking it. I love watching your brood grow.

Baby By The Sea said...

Andy might be on to something...
Brilliant use of the straw for the littles.
As for the bigs, really?! Preschool! My advice: have a tissue in your pocket. Bittersweet tears will fall.
You've inspired me to have folks over for breakfast/brunch -- the best meal to share with friends who feel so much like family.
One quick question -- is that a rickshaw in the background of your adorable preschool babe? Awesome.

Annie said...

My oldest is starting Kindergarten this fall and it is quite a new world for him AND his parents!

Oh so sweet.

Carrie Grant said...

Laughed out loud--literally. I laughed out loud when i read Margot's ice cream and movie revelation.

Amanda said...

Perfect! I'm going to punch a hole in a canning lid, now, too. Ingenious!

Happiness is... said...

Oh, I love the last shot of Margot. Really, cowboy boots are a great look instead of point shoes.

Alex too is starting preschool this year. I'm very excited for her, but I completely dread kindergarten. RIght now, she's a big person with a little voice full of opinions, stories, and wild ideals. I will miss the little voice so. Wings mama, wings. Remember she's going to fly high!

Love watching your bounty. I'm using this year as a lot of experience of what I need to do different. Ha.

Have a great week. Have the nieces in town, so I have no good reason to be sitting behind this computer!


Jennifer from Annapolis

Beth B. said...

In the picture of Ruby eating breakfast, she looks SOOO... much like your mama! :)

Jennifer said...

My oldest too is starting preschool in a couple of weeks...so bittersweet. Only two days but I still will miss him! On the upside it will give me and the littlest brother some much needed one on one time.
Love how Margot gets Ruby to say yes to allowing her to watch movies. My oldest laughs when he asks Will "hey Will...you want my stinky socks?" and Will replys "Yea" Siblings.

Tina said...

I'm sharing in your melancholy about Margot starting preschool shortly. My oldest Brooklyn did preschool starting last fall, but this September she starts Junior Kindergarten in the public school system. I am so thrilled for her because she is beyond ready for this big step... but I'm really going to miss her every morning after walking her to the school down the street.

My peppers were destroyed by pepper maggots. So sad! A few new flowers just sprouted from them so I'm hoping what I used to treat them will be successful and I might get even a couple of peppers out of it. My cherry tomatoes, on the other hand are outta control, and I am thankful to the earth for that.

Here are my nuggets this week:

rebecca said...

,,,"nuggets" delivered and were oh so satisfying,,,i'm diggin' the items in tow in the "packack", of course one needs 3 headbands, a purple cape and pajamas,,,it might be margot's first days of school, but it's not her first rodeo, she knows what to take,,,(smile),,,i can only imagine the school she will be attending, how i would love to be a fly on the wall her first days,,,ruby is delicious!

Angie said...

I can totally relate to the preschool emotions! My oldest is going into first grade...his first time away from me ALL day. I'm excited to see him grow but my heart is still breaking in that this is good for him but he's getting SO big, kind of way. Too bad we live so far apart, it would be nice to schedule a mommy coffee gathering after drop off!!

Happy Hump Day to ya!!

Angie from Ohio

Bikini By 30 said...

What is it about toadstools that is so adorable?! Darling darling darling hat!

dig this chick said...

Jenn, Yes, a rickshaw! Missoula has one that travels around. It is so cool. We were hanging outside the ball park where Willie Nelson and Lyle Lovett were playing.

Rebecca, I love what you say about it not being Margot's first rodeo! So true. Ah, that kid.

BRH said...

Such a great post! I remember feeling the same when my boy was about to start preschool--excitement and sorrow all wrapped up together. This Fall he starts Kindergarten. Don't even get me started... Your veggies look AMAZING! Well done!

homeiswhatyoumakeit said...

I was thinking similar things yesterday after I received the notices in the mail about the parents information night and the first day of preschool. This will be my little guys 2nd year, but that means I am one year away from both of my kids being in school (next year his sister will start preschool and he will be in kindergarten)!
I always loved the beginning of the school year and I hope that my kids are excited about starting a new adventure each fall!
Cheers to the changing seasons!

TRB Holt said...

Burb ~ WOW your garden is the bomb! I understand tomatillo salsa is also the bomb…maybe I’ll give it a try…I’ll have to buy my tomatillos though….lucky you! All I want for Christmas is some garlic!

Margot ~ First off I have to tell you that the day and a half that Bacca & I had with JUST you in Montana will be one of my fondest memories. You were such a good little girl and boy did we have fun!

Preschool ~ I remember your mama’s first day like it was yesterday. She went to a private one run by a fabulous teacher, Carol Johnson. She attended M-W-F mornings in Carol’s Lake Steven’s home in Washington State…she was three years old, turning four that February & she attended the next year as well. When she “graduated”, at the age of 5, she was asked to design the cover of the program….I saved it for many years…just last year I gave it to your mom….it had a blue cover with a butterfly, that your mom drew…and I think some flowers. She loved Carol, when Uncle Trav turned 3 he too attended Carol’s preschool. I KNOW you will love your upcoming adventure…no doubt you will be the class STAR~ I Love You A Bushel & A Peck!

Ruby ~ We just returned from our trip to Montana & a fun filled week with you…what a doll you are! You amaze me, always smiles and so easy to please. You “keep up” just fine with all your older cousins & sister; in fact they could learn a thing or two from you! You and Bacca developed a special bond this trip…he is still beaming and talking about your time together! I am counting the days until I see you again ~ You Are My Sunshine!

So proud of all of you…Andy, your Art show was over the top…
Love to all…
Xoxo, Mom/ Gram

FrozenKiwi said...

Love the hole in canning jar lid for twirly straw!

Courtney said...

I know how you feel about sensing the imminent close of summer. But it just got here! I can sense it though, and for some reason I'm... terrified? of winter's onset.

I'm trying to keep my mind off of it by exercising outside every day, reminding myself that all indoor chores can wait until a fall rainy (snowy?) day and to enjoy laying in the hammock with a mojito and a book.

Your daughters are darling!

Melissa said...

so sweet, nici. love this post. xo

FinnyKnits said...

Punched hole in the canning lid?

Effing genius, you. Awesome.

Also - GO TOMATILLOS! Mine are going, too.

Jo @ Jo in the Kitchen said...

Your girls are getting so big!
And I'm totally jealous of your garden. We planted late, and our veggies are just starting out...

FEAS613 said...

favorite part of nuggets= Margot in a leotard, tutu, cowboy boots and a hat. I guess ultimately I love her free spirit!

Lola said...

So beautifully written!!!! And stunning pictures!!!!

colette said...

when i was reading the first part of this post, about preschool, i felt like i was reading what my heart is thinking everyday. my girl, my 4 year old, is starting preschool this fall, too. and this is my first one to board the big yellow bus. i have so many emotions about it. i'm so proud of how ready and excited she is. but i also have that other part of my that's like, 'oh my gosh, you're not my baby anymore. you're entering the real world'. this preschool thing.... so simple, yet so complex. hmm.

love this weeks nuggest, btw!

Sarah said...

I love this :) My older daughter (who will be 4 in October) started preschool last year. I had the same sadness as you, but oh my goodness did she flourish! Margot will love it :) Also, Maya (almost-4-year-old) made me stop at the picture of Margot in the tutu and said, "Mommy! It's me as a princess!" When I told her it wasn't, she said, "oh, well then it's my friend." :)

Dana said...

As always love nuggets and I always love what TRB Holt writes.

Jeff Z said...

I totally understand the ambivalence about preschool. My daughter was so so so excited to start preschool last fall, and mom had done most of the preparation, and I hadn't thought much about it until the day came and we walked her over.

I couldn't help choking back some sobs. It's hard to say where they came from, but seeing my precious little girl-- daddy's girl-- let go of our hands and go off into something big and independent-- my heart broke a little bit. Being a dad I had to pretend that I was coughing and that something was stuck in my eye. I doubt anybody was fooled.

I'm sure I'm not the first and won't be the last. It was a beautiful moment nonetheless. We do it all over again with our son this fall. I'll have to bring a whole roll of paper towels.

Colleen said...

My little girl is starting mother's day out in 2 weeks and I am having the same feelings. But she is SO ready. She is just like Margot and can not wait.

I am jealous of your garlic. I have not figured out the trick to get it to grow. Every time I plant them, they turn out to be duds. I get a green stalk, but no clove growth. But I have tomatoes coming out of my ears, so I can't complain too much.

Swapnil said...

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Jo @ Jo in the Kitchen said...

I posted my own nuggets. Hope you can stop by :)

Mark, Wendy, Dale and Rose said...

Your words are poetry.

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