collecting wishes

"Alright bug, time to head inside for your nap!" I shouted from our boulevard garden.


"I just need three minutes to get all these flowers."


And so I helped her collect dandelions for three minutes, this arbitrary time unit she has chosen to mean as long as it takes.


The shady patches yield the best weeds: leggy gold tufts towering over grass, shin-high to a three and a half year-old. One well-placed grab and snap through the hollow stem.


She remembered the last time she collected her beautiful bouquet. The tangle of bright flora turned into a heap of gray chicken food. She said, "Remember yesterday all my flowers got little and tired?" Yesterday is another time measurement that means sometime before right now.


So we filled a bucket with water and the dandelions swam while she slept.


Yesterday we collected wishes for three minutes too.


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all photos taken with a Canon Digital SLR from Vanns.com


Michele said...

That is adorable! My daughter Jocelyn has started saying, "one time?" which means as many more times as she can before I say enough.

Alie said...

So lovely! Thanks for sharing!!

Karisa said...

I love their expressions for time...my daughter says "remember a long day ago when I did ___."

Melina said...

Nici- I love these focused, beautiful little vignettes. Awesome photos, so colors are so saturated!


Amanda said...

How beautiful. :)

jenniwaka said...

Photos are gor-ge-ous! The new camera suits you well!

(Can't wait til my little one can stand on her own so I can hold the camera with both hands and step away to photograph her!)

Kelly said...

I love this post. Such a perfect moment with your little bug. :)

Ani said...

So sweet! My husband is not a fan of dandelion "weeds", but I think they're so pretty - I always pick some for my little one when we're out on walks. I happened upon your lovely blog via Kelle Hampton's Enjoying the Small Things, and really look forward to your posts. Have a super day!

Kelly Cach said...

Love how you captured this moment....3 minutes forever saved.

And your landscaping is soooo beautiful....I could sit for hours amongst it all.

Margot is so DARLING.....her face AND words!


Jeff Z said...

I have a just-turned-four year old daughter and her phrase to use with me is "five more minutes". If I mention five minutes later what she said, she tells me- "no daddy, five more minutes".

I try to catch her and her little brother in pictures but yours set the bar a lot higher. Great photos.



Minnesotagal said...

What an amazing transition from the cool blue hues of winter to the warm dandelion glow of spring melting into summer. Love these shots!

rebecca said...

,,,one can only imagine within the 3 minute time frame what her wishes must have been,,,(smile)

lisa said...

So sweet. My daughter's "before" word used to be "this morning". "Mama, remember this morning, when I was a baby..."

Ah, I miss this morning :)

Jo @ Jo in the Kitchen said...

I love setting out the dandelions that my son picks for me. My friends think I'm nuts, but I think that they're beautiful :)

Lola said...

Such a beautiful post!
Love the pic!
Love "Collecting Wishes"

Meredith said...

Dandelion wine? Cmon now!

Abs said...

My Ceci is now nearly 5 but not long ago, she used the phrase "last night" to indicate anything that happened before right now.

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