hump day nuggets: ready to go, family?

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and words about the last week


Right now, Margot is very proud of her family. She refers to us constantly in public like in the grocery store when she wanders to the pears and we are at the broccoli, she declares, "Oh, wait family! Wait for me! I am the other daughter!" Or at the dinner table she'll put her fork down and announce, "I love my family a lot."

She reminds me of those motivational speakers who bring camaraderie to disparate groups. Close your eyes and lean back, trust your colleague to catch you...Margot could totally do that. She has always been a big fan of the group hug and can push any random, awkward pile of people into giggles and embracing by her not-taking-no-for-an-answer need for everyone to just hug all together. And again.

My sage little three year-old regularly referring to us as her family makes me smile. We are a family.


:: Yesterday Margot eagerly lifted her shirt to Ruby and said in a high voice, "Come on, Rubes! Do you want milk from my boob?!"

Margot breastfeeding Elizabeth before her nap

:: Ruby's favorite game: I put her down in the kitchen and run to the bathroom while shrieking "Ruby! Come find me!" and she swaggers down the hall, arms overhead giggling to discover me. It might be my favorite game too.


:: I discovered our chickens' secret nesting spot behind the coop.


:: I climbed into bed and reached into my little wooden box on my nightstand to discover it was empty. I tip toed into the girls room and woke Margot.

"What are you doing mama?"
"Do you know where my mouth guard is?"
"It was next to my bed in that little brown box. Did you move it?"
"Maybe it's under your bed."


I asked her to see if she could find it and she plopped on her belly, slithered under the bed and promptly found it under a sock. "Here you go," she said cheerfully. "Good night mom and dad." And she walked back across the hall, closing the door behind her.

:: It's rare I choose to use a flash. But sometimes, it captures the image I see better than any combination of iso, aperture and shutter speed. Like, when bright yellow forsythia is in bloom against the tumult of April evening skies.

without flash (iso: 2000, shutter: 1/50, aperture: f/4.0)
with flash (iso: 1250, shutter: 1/80, aperture: f/4.5)

:: I am a thrifter, lover of well-made. When it comes to my kids' clothes, I usually buy secondhand and when I choose to splurge, I love to buy handmade, from the maker. This eclectic combination of who-knows-what-the-story-is and I-bought-this-from-that-sweet-woman-on-the-corner-who-likes-to-knit is really fun for me. I love a good score and I love supporting a good crafter.

headband from b. handmade designs

So, I found the most perfect Margot dress on the planet last week. I saw the wrinkled, overlooked hem hanging out at goodwill and I knew it was handmade. And, it is Margot's favorite color, darker blue, AND with Raggedy Anne AND with heart pockets. Oh how Margot loves pockets. $2.

The pockets perfectly hold eggs, just like Margot predicted.

:: Skiing is almost over for the season. But there's still a few good days out there.

April in Montana: snow boots, long underwear, sun bonnets, digging in the dirt before heading up to ski.

Goodness, Margot is off.


And now that Ruby is walking, her enjoyment of the bunny hill is over the moon.


She also loves lounging in the snow, laughing at everything.


After skiing Margot cuddled into me with her staticky hair and warm little body. She sang while eating Pirate's Booty and then, suddenly, she fell asleep mid-lyric. She slept from 6:30-8:30 (14 hours, not 2).


:: I cut my kids' hair. And, usually my own. I used to cut my husband's until that one time...

A few days ago, I gave Margot an edgy little bob, angled up the back, choppy layers in the front but still little girl. It's so her.

     before :: after

:: The girls were pretty proud of the windsocks they made at art class last weekend.


:: Auntie Pam is the best.


:: Last Thursday, Ruby broke our alarm clock by pounding the buttons while maniacally laughing. On Sunday night Andy sighed and said he'd go fetch the guest room clock. Then, we started an in depth investigation of the clock. Turns out, it was unplugged. Two things: 1.) I want to unplug our alarm clock every weekend. 2.) I think our brain receptors are still catching up from so little sleep last year.

That Ruby is super sneaky.

:: I made spring rolls for a dinner party because we had the ingredients on hand. I thought, why don't we make these puppies more often? So easy.


We roll tofu, cucumber, cilantro and carrot in rice paper and serve with plum jam and soy sauce for dipping.


:: High-stepping, super-proud-to-be-walking Ruby.


:: We were at a box store and Margot was going bananas for all the toddler-height easter candy displays around every corner. She was skipping around a towering jelly bean display singing a song that went something like I like jelly beeeeeeeeeans! I do I do I do! and then she stopped and said flatly and seriously to an onlooker, "You know, little kids really do like candy."

pants were mine, embroidered by my grandma

Those marketing people who set out to push parents into submission by placing giant chocolate bunnies three feet off the ground know what they are doing. We left with two bags of jelly beans.


The sun is creeping higher in the sky, lingering a bit longer every day. The sidewalk is dry and warm. Fleece hats and down vests bookend flip flops and bare arms. It's spring.

When we woke up this morning, before coffee or breakfast, as the sun's brilliancy poured through the curtains in my room, Margot looked to Ruby and me through blond wisps and said, "It looks like a beautiful day today. Ready to go, family?"


happy hump day out there.

:: :: ::

all photos taken with a Canon Digital SLR from Vanns.com


Jessie said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! No other words can describe you and your family better. :)

Courtney said...

I'm quite convinced that Margot will be a famous philosopher. Happy hump day!

Daniele said...

Love!! I say it a bazillion times, but your girls remind me so much of mine!

Hot Hot JJ said...

Each week I look so forward to your wednesday post. Every week I read it with a huge smile on my face, sometime stopping to laugh out loud (Margrot is too funny! I love her). This week didn't disappoint. I laughed and smiled a lot all while reading on my iPhone. Today it is wa enough to eat lunch outside for the first time this spring. This makes me happy.

Cheers from Utah! Jessica

FinnyKnits said...

See - a flash CAN be used for good instead of evil. Great forsythia shot!

Meanwhile, Margot and I have the same haircut now. Do you cut adult's hair?

Tara said...

The spring rolls look fantastic! Our chickens are laying eggs on the coop floor instead of their boxes. I wondered why we weren't getting many! I guess that wasn't so strange! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

Tonya said...

Love seeing all the pictures of Ruby walking : ) Funny, but I cut my kids hair most of the time too and a couple of weeks ago tried out cutting my own. I was very impressed with myself, I must say. I even cut layers! lol My dh cuts his own hair, won't let me near it, which I don't understand because I cut my teenage boys hair and it looks fine.

I love that you have your handmade baby and childhood clothes that your Mom and Grandmother made. I am saving everything I have made for my children, hopefully they appreciate it like you do.

Adriana Iris said...

love the images of this post... all of them. thanks for sharing selflessly.

Melina said...

I am so envious of your spring!! I just finished a post about the depths of despair (late winter in Vermont) and even though I'm back in seattle, it's still rainy and awful.

Way to go Margo- when you sleep 14 hours, that means you've earned it!

I love Ruby's little tummy in her blue lightweight patagonia long underwear suit.


Heather said...

Coool flash tip, never know what to do with it so I end up ignoring it.

Your girls make this NY mama smile.

Coach Jen said...

Just what I needed to put a smile on my face today.

Your girls are so damn cute:)

Awesome....and Margot cracks me up! I would be lost (and cranky) without my mouth gaurd at night.


Laura said...

Loved this post. So inspiring and happy.

Yuliya said...

and if you weren't raring to go before, I bet you were after that!

Colleen said...

Oh how I would love to spend just one day in your life. I would love for just an ounce of your spirit to rub off on me. Hanging out with you and your girls seems like it would be magical and real all at the same time... like a breath of fresh air. You remind that the simple things are often the most fun. Thank you for the reminder.

Kim said...

I can't begin to tell you how much JOY it brings me to read Margot's little sayings. She is so creative and so funny - without even meaning to be funny. I get very excited when a new blog from you pops up in my blog reader b/c I know I'll get a huge smile or two from Miss Margot.

Keep those stories coming. She's a trip. :)

sk said...

oh my goodness, your Margot is hilarious! and awesome.

K. Goetz Photography Blog said...

Ruby walks with such confidence and vivaciousness now! It made my eyes well up a bit, my little prince took his first steps yesterday.
... Such miniscule things are incredible, huh?

Cathy said...

Great post. I loved the mouth guard box story :).

Zoe said...

Miss Margot brought a tear to my eye today with her love of her family and of life in general. Your girls are so sweet and make me want to run home and smother my kids in kisses.

Alie said...

Your family's got spunk! Thanks for the amusement, the charm, the life in this post. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

rebecca said...

,,,i love margot's new hair and her quips about her "family",,,i "dig" that you make it your passion to upcycle your childrens clothes,,,"i do i do i do" love jelly beans, too! (smile),,,

,,,ruby jane is pure sweetness!,,,

Judybusy said...

My favorite shot is the first. I love the contrast of tree and sky. Very envious of the forsythia--ours is just days away from blooming, but I just can't wait!

Tiffany said...

I love the photo of Ruby in the snow, especially of her sitting down. How do you ski and take your camera without worrying about breaking it? I have never taken photos of my kids skiing because of that. And the raggedy ann and andy dress reminded me so much of my childhood...good stuff!

dig this chick said...

I cut Andy's hair for years until one time when I really, REALLY messed it up. It was poofy on top, really short on the sides. He looked like a cartoon character. So, no, I am afraid of adult hair. I cut my own all the time though.

We are only on the rope tow/bunny hill and I feel comfortable with it there. I only take it out and up the rope tow once or twice and it's a commitment! (especially with Ruby on my back and Margot between my legs on the rope tow!) Also, I often shoot from the bottom of the hill. My great lens (18-200mm) allows for some zoom action.

kyndale_pease said...

You have such a pretty life. So, what did you do with all those eggs? I've never made spring rolls but I guess those wraps are gluten free. I need to check it out. Have a great day! ♥

Abs said...

Have you ever listened to the song "Ruby" by the Kaiser Chiefs? You should have a listen...but I warn you....you will likely not be able to get the chorus out of your head.

from mel said...

Your blog is truly one of the most energizing, inspiring, loving blog I've ever read. And girl, I read a lot of blogs. But yours is different. It's unique and I look forward to nugget Wednesday so that I can see what inspiration you hold this week. Thanks for writing. Thanks for dreaming and thanks for capturing the small moments in the day that if we get too busy, we lose sight of them.

Joan said...

So funny to see sprouting leaves in one picture, Margot in flipflops in another and then the next are of Margot skiing and Ruby playing in the snow. I really want to see Ruby on the go. She is so cute and proud of herself. You people and your bite quards, at least you can figure who is in the know.

Gillian said...

so with ya on the missing mouth guards. and the girl's nursing their babies. about to post a very similar shot of elie from last week...

KWQR said...

Flip flops & skiing in the same post makes me so happy... spring rocks.
And those fresh rolls look amazing... my favorite thing to order at our local Thai place and somehow I have never thought of making them at home... but they look pretty easy.
Have been meaning to email you with a few photo-type questions... what lens(es) to you use for your every-day pics? And your favorite software for photo-editing?
p.s. Raggedy Ann dress was an amazing score... Margot is right, heart pockets are fabulous.

Kelly said...

Oh, i love the margot stories of her talking ...too cute! Also my word verification is skiest...I think that's a sign since u love ths ski ha

Mark, Wendy, Dale and Rose said...

I really look forward to your posts. They help remind me how fun being a Mommy is, even when I'm having a bad day. Thanks.

seamusmom said...

Margot nursing her doll is so precious! Your girls are just beautiful.

Katie (Mama May I) said...

Love today's nuggets! I adore Ruby's hat in the ski pic of you and her. Adore Margot's haircut...makes me think maybe I should get a swell bob on Friday when I get my haircut. And I love that you found a secret egg stash.

Jo @ Jo in the Kitchen said...

I want to be a little kid again so that I can dress like your girls.

Wait a minute! I'm a grown up and I can dress however I want!

Kelsey said...
This post has been removed by the author.
Mama Marchand said...

LOVE. :) (especially those outfits at art class)

Lexie said...

There are so many things that I love from this week's nuggets that I won't even try to list them. Your daughters are unbearably cute. Happy hump day to you, as well!

Malissa said...

What a sweet post. I really look forward to your nuggets on Wednesdays. I love how you describe the daily nuances of your family activities and interactions. Too many things to comment about that I love about your post this week! :) Thanks for sharing.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Well, this might be my new favorite. At least until next week. The darker blue sealed the deal. And the heart pockets. Hidden treasures, I tell you! Happy Family. And, might I add, you rock the scissors.

Jenn said...

I really like how your family history is weaved into the clothes you wear.

Margot's hair is stylin'. Nice job!

Wish I could sleep for 14hrs, I'm about 6yrs. overdue.

Yay for Ruby and her adventurous spirit with her new found mobility!

Have a great week!

Sarah said...

Love this post :) Your girlies make me laugh (and remind me of my two, who are about the same ages). The mouth guard story is too funny :)

Kelle said...

Margot and I are indeed, now kindred spirits.
We share this:
She has always been a big fan of the group hug and can push any random, awkward pile of people into giggles and embracing by her not-taking-no-for-an-answer need for everyone to just hug all together. And again.

Love the Raggedy dress, the eggs, Ruby's teeth and little pot belly. Love Pam's gasping expression at Margot's jump and the new haircut.

Love you.

TRB Holt said...

Just home from a baby shower....took a quick peek....I'll be back...xoxo

Marti said...

So...this was great! I love the group hug that my 3 y/o insists on when she see's me hug her Daddy after he gets home from work.

Sarah said...

I always love hearing what Margot has to say! She sounds like such a smart, funny little girl! I also really want to try making spring rolls now!

Jennifer said...

I want to make spring rolls! Yum! Love the plum jam sauce bit.

I love Margot's dress. My room was Raggedy Ann and Andy when I was a little girl back in the early 1970s. Loved it.

So happy spring has sprung for you all. :o)

enmouton said...

a beautiful post... your words rock my world....


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