hump day nuggets: thick and sweet like honey

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and words about the last week

We've had a great, full week. Our best pals flew in from Colorado for the weekend, we corked a dusty bottle of wine we bought in France six years ago. There was a birthday, egg dying, weeding, snow storms and Ruby's first haircut given, mercilessly, by her big sister.

I feel like my life exists in lists right now. A list of what to do tomorrow (things that I was supposed to do today), a list of what I wish to do this year (big travel with my kids, home projects, buy a goat) a list of what I am not going to do even thought I maybe should (hello tax extension). Or, like above, a list of this minute, a list of life happenings. I am in it thick and sweet like honey with these two.


Nuggets abound.

I started hump day nuggets because I wanted a scheduled opportunity to be random and bullety, to document this minute in a carefree list. At first it was intended to be more photos than words but then I felt photo nuggets without word nuggets were one-dimensional and didn't tell my family's stories completely. Plus, I'm chatty.


:: Margot has always been attached to objects. The maraca, the coat, the elmo doll, the cowgirl boots, the pineapple skirt. She loves one thing until it falls apart and then she picks a new thing to love. Right now it's this handmedown yellow tutu that is at least a size too small and definitely not Montana spring-appropriate.


She wears it at some point every day. Sometimes it's hard for me like when it's snowing outside or I wish it didn't require Houdini-like maneuvers to go to the bathroom. But then I remind myself how awesome it is that she feels beautiful, fast, smart and funny in the tiny yellow dance costume.

:: We dyed eggs and will probably just continue boiling and dying throughout the week because it is endlessly fun.


We made dye using stuff we had on hand: coffee, red onion skin, blueberries and tumeric. I tried to make green out of cilantro and parsley stems but no dice.


I am very unscientific about our process but it goes something like this: add a bit of the coloring material and a tablespoon or so of vinegar to a cup or two of water. Boil, cover and simmer for a few minutes. Strain into a jar, let cool and dip eggs.


Ruby was flipping for the pile of eggs. Homegirl loves her eggs. I decided to just give her one to destroy. I imagined she probably bash it on the counter and peel the pieces but instead, she ravenously took a bite and chewed the shell and egg without pause.

not to worry, I peeled it for her

Our beautiful eggs!

The rich plum egg soaked in blueberry for about three hours, the awesome stripedy egg is Andy's contribution.

:: In April, in one minute, the sky opens to sun so bright and pure it feels like birth and then closes to relative blackness that spits snow. Both permutations are beautiful. When witnessed at the same moment on opposite sides of our valley, I feel alive, small and grateful.


:: Not much better than old, great friends.

xo Meg and Pete

Great friends who love your kids like their own.


:: Margot has been asking about Ruby's hospital stay. "Ruby was so sick? Can I see the pictures again? She couldn't breathe? In the hospital?" I ask he what she remembers and she mentions things like her dad or noises. It's a foggy lifetime ago to Margot. Me too.


:: I wonder if my kids will still have spontaneous dance parties with me in 12 years when I listen to uncool music say things like when I was a kid we didn't even have cell phones or facebook! Hope so.


:: Welcome to dig sponsor Lil Junebug Boutique! Becca makes hair bling that will knock your socks off.


These barrettes are solid and have a soft, grippy clasp that holds up to the kind of play we have around here. Seriously, these are the only hair clips that we've ever had that stay in all day. Plus, they are stinkin' cute and made by a mama.

Lil Junebug Boutique is offering you, dear readers, a sweet deal: use coupon code DIG15 to get 15% off your purchases this month. Thanks, Lil Junebug!

Becca made a special sparkly darker blue barrette for bug and she is beside herself with adoration. The pink clip for sale here. Also, I wear them too!

:: Turns out Ruby won't be needing barrettes for a few months.


I should have known something other than painting was happening when they were so quiet back at the art table. When I rounded to corner to find Margot, scissors in hand and Ruby's honey baby curls splayed across her navy blue shirt...oh.


The top of Ruby's head is short stubble like Andy's winter chin that causes her longer hair to stick up. Sister also rocks an edgy, crooked stair step up the back of her head and some long wisps that cascade over the chunks. It's kind of hard to tell in that photo but just know that light area you see is bald.

The Hairdresser. I was mad. She said, "It's ok, mama. I am just cutting Rube's hair a little bit. She likes it.

Yes, it's already funny, a rite of passage as so many of you mentioned in your stories on facebook. It's not a big deal but when I first gathered my emotions about the whole scene? Oofta.


matching dresses made by my mom

They trust each other, love each other,


don't know life without each other.


I wonder what nuggets they'll recall. Margot might remember the thrill of severing Ruby's fine hair under the back window while Ruby's big blue eyes smiled in the early morning light. Ruby will remember through the story told. They'll laugh over that nugget on their list of childhood antics. It will fall after the broken-thumb-and-forehead-stitches week and before...we'll see.


happy hump day out there.

:: :: ::

all photos taken with a Canon Digital SLR from Vanns.com


Alie said...

Brilliant idea using natural products for the eggs, and I love the photo of the girls in the slide! Happy week!

Mamachromatic said...

My family tells a similar story of the haircut I gave my little brother...

Love those matching dresses. Too cute.

Thank you for sharing.

Nicole said...

Well from the pics, Ruby's hair doesn't look as bad as I expected from your post yesterday! She is beautiful, bald spot or not :) I'm glad you found some peace about it.. after I heard about it yesterday, I looked at my own baby's beautiful dark hair, and I imagined how upset I'd be if my 3 year old cut it. And then I made sure to hide all the scissors.

TRB Holt said...

What a great post Burb! I love your photos….I always go through HDN the first time by just viewing the pictures and try to see if I can guess what you are talking about….then go back and read. I am usually pretty good at “reading” your photos…Ruby’s short hair photo had me stumped!

Margot ~ I too fancied myself quite the coiffure…my client was my next door neighbor, (Ann Chamberlin), she was 4 & I was 5. I did not use scissors I choose the hedge clippers; the end result was her long ponytail on the lawn! I still remember how mad my mother was I also remember my dad scolding me with a smirk on his face! I also know you will look out for your sister and she for you.
I Love You A Bushel & A Peck!

Ruby ~ With or without hair you are a beauty….AND such a good dancer too! I hope that one of the travels your mama talked about in this post is a trip here to see us this summer…I wish I lived close to you all!
You Are My Sunshine!

Margot & Ruby your mama is so right you will have so many fun times to share and talk about for the rest of your lives. Your Great Uncle Skip and I still fondly remember all the monkey business we got in to! We are only 18 months apart…your Great Grammy had her hands full!

Love to all,
xoxo Mom/Gram

ps… My new Desktop Background is Margot & Ruby in their matching dresses :)!

Jessie said...

I really want to try natural egg dying this year! It looks pretty simple. :) I love the picture of margot "the hairdresser" ;)

cheryl said...

love this post! i have two girls as well, 18 months apart. it's amazing (most days)! my now 5 year old, cut her own hair when she was three, and my just turned 4 year old cut her own hair on friday - so i can relate. their cuts weren't quite as drastic, but good for you taking it all in stride. they haven't had the idea to cut each other's hair...=)

6512 and growing said...

Love your chattiness.

I remember being mad after Col cut a chunk of honey curls from the top and back of Rosie's head. And everyone I told laughed and told me their haircutting stories and I love how now the story is just a funny slice from the family archives.

Glad to see your tale attained its rightful position in your archives so quickly. And perfect that you snapped the barrette photo just in time.

Amie said...

Aww, poor RUBY! She's still as cute as ever, though. And are you REALLY buying a goat?! Can't wait for that! Love your eggs, too! FAB!

Dana said...

such a great post! My middle girl cut her hair on St. Patty's day and we are now entering the grow out phase. It makes me laugh now. Love the eggs. so pretty!!

Tonya said...

We have had a tragic haircutting incident before. When my 2nd child Parker was 4 and his sister Sydney was 2 1/2, he cut half of her beautiful long blond curls off. On one side of her head only! You have to realize, she is my only child to actually have enough hair to really cut at 2 1/2. I was 3 months pregnant at the time, very hormonal and NOT happy! My SIL, a hairdresser, came and cut her a bob, but there were still huge chunks missing to the scalp. To this day, my stomach sinks at the thought LOL He knew he was in trouble too, because when he saw the look on my face, he just walked to his room. We have had other incidents with the following children, but nothing as drastic as that first time, thank goodness! LOL

Happiness is... said...

Don't ever stop the chattiness. We would be lost without your sewing of words and phrases.

And I love how Bug latches on to things. Currently we are wearing dorothy dress ALL THE TIME or some sort of slightly too small and slightly ripped ballet dress daily. A friend and neighbor asked me, "where did you get the Dorothy dress? Do they have a larger size?" So glad that my friends know her well enough that I should probably prepare for the next growth spurt. Really, Dorothy is her hero. This love isn't going to fizzle anytime soon.

Smiling over the sister love. And even the custom haircuts that come along with that love. Ruby will have her day with Margot. :) And Ruby's red eyebrows also make me smile. She's adorable.

Eggs. So much fun. Found a new link for a crazy way to dye eggs with old ties; and I warn you that it's TAIL WAGGING COOL. I have to hit GW and buy even MORE eggs before the week is over. Check it out.

Happy Easter. Must. Get. Outside. Mulch and gardening calling.


Jennifer from Annapolis

FrozenKiwi said...

Love the swinging picture. Yay for swinging!

I am sure there will be more fun haircuts in the future.

Ericka Schapekahm said...

Yup, the swing picture pretty much rocks. To answer your question about future dance parties. I say yes, they will, because my now 11 & 14 year old daughters enthusiastically participate in spontaneous 1990's dance music extravaganzas. We've been dancing together since 1997 and have never stopped:)

Marti said...

Ivy has several clips from Lil Junebug Boutique and they really are awesome.

Ivy also likes seeing pictures of Ruby and Margot and often tells me she wants chickens too. Maybe one day....

Happy Hump day!

Jo @ Jo in the Kitchen said...

I look forward to Nuggets all week! I once cut my own hair, but I was in sixth grade. I was mad at my mom because she wouldn't let me get a pixie cut. So I did it myself. It wasn't pretty, but I was so darn proud!

Louise said...

Oh no!! Big sister is a piece of work! Love to read what she will say or do next! I think she will do big things Miss Margot! And Ruby, what a little darling!

The Tomberlins said...

i love your pictures and your words... i also really love that your mom comments on all of your posts! love all around!!

happy Easter.

irelassred said...

That is funny about the haircut, & Margot's quip when you found them!
So my favorite thing about this week's nuggets is that Margot has her boots on the wrong feet in the first pineapple dress pic & the last photo, I love that phase when kids are independent enough to put on their own shoes but don't quite get which one goes where yet.
They are adorable!!!

rebecca said...

,,,there's nothing like sisterly-love,,,albeit margot was feeling nothing but love when she was snip-snipping on ruby's hair as ruby sat so patiently awaiting the end result,,,it wouldn't matter if ruby had long locks or was bald as an eagle she would still be cute as a button, and now her "look" is the best of both worlds (smile),,,thank goodness the hairdresser didn't take scissors to her own hair her "bob" is so stinkin' cute,,,(smile),,,i now deem the photo of the "hairdresser" as my favorite thus far,,,
,,,1 year ago at this very easter season i was introduced to your blog, you had photos of the likes of the easter baskets that you made for the girls, the eggs you colored and the felt easter eggs (a great substitute for the plastic ones) that you hung throughout the yard for margot to seek 'n find, and i was hooked on "dig this chick",,,so much of what you do for your children, home, community, your garden and mother earth mirrors my passions,,,thank you nici for a really fun ride this past year, i look forward to plenty of giggles and interesting read in the years to come,,,

Joan said...

Nohting more alarming than silence when there should be chatter. My sister, Jean, cut the back of my hair. Mom said the back of my head looked like a monkey's ass. So Rubes, you lucked out. Love the photo of Meg and girls on the slide. Nothing better than fresh nuggets first thing in the morning. Happy easter to all of you in M-town. Keep on dancing. XOXO

Joanna said...

"In April, in one minute, the sky opens to sun so bright and pure it feels like birth and then closes to relative blackness that spits snow. Both permutations are beautiful. When witnessed at the same moment on opposite sides of our valley, I feel alive, small and grateful."

Love this.

dig this chick said...

I am sincerely loving all these haircut stories! Rite of passage, indeed.

jen said...

luckily ... we escaped the haircutting debacle that i swore would happen between the girly-girls.
though i remember reciting over and over and over again ... scissors are for cutting. paper is for coloring. scissors are for cutting. paper is for coloring.

currently i have three (oops. four. finn found a crayon last week.) walls that have "artwork" on them.

oh crap. i just realized that finn could cut one of the girls' hair ...

i'm not out of the woods yet.

save me.

TRB Holt said...

While in the shower...I just remembered goat....did you say goat?

KWQR said...

I have to say the haircut photo does not look nearly as bad as I imagined. And of course beautiful Ruby can pull of any look! We have (knock wood) managed to avoid the brotherly haircut... but have a similar story involving a sharpie.
Good times.
Love those natural dyed eggs! Such a great idea... one that I will definitely be borrowing.
Happy week!

Amy said...

When I was four, I "snuck" gum and got it stuck in one of my pigtails. My sister tried to help the situation by cutting it off. .then Mom wouldn't know.. There are several pictures that christmas of my pigtail.

Sister fun....

clove's corner said...

This is how much I love nuggets: I am pregnant with #2 and get debilitatingly nauseas and yet I managed to read nuggets between puking breakfast #1 and eating breakfast #2. Really, this is a huge compliment. Happy hump day.

Elise said...

I see a real future as a stylist for Ms. Margot Bea! I need to get my hair done before a wedding this summer--I am a bridesmaid--do you think Margot would be free for a quick appointment at the end of July..??
LOVE it!!
Love the bug backpack..i remember getting that for her way before she was big enough to sport it....and sport it she DOES!!
Meg..I love to see your smiling face!!!

xoxoxo, pcpeb

Dulcibella said...

Love the Easter Eggs. And the haircut does not take one ounce of beauty or cuteness away from Ruby! The hair will grow back. I really enjoy hearing others' haircut stories in the comments.
I went to Missoula today and had been looking forward to seeing your exhibit. My only trip to Missoula I'll be able to make this month so was disappointed to find the gallery closed. I didn't realize it was only Thursday through Saturday (or Sunday?) Anyways, I did peek in the window but would have liked to see a closer view of the little pictures.

Sarah said...

Oh my, I love these posts :) So sad about Ruby's hair :( But Margot is too cute. My daughter has the same kinds of comments, "it's ok Mommy, Charlotte wants me to... (insert something that Charlotte clearly doesn't like :)).

Melina said...

Not to worry. My cousin once cut off a chunk of my hair in a fit of rage, because I let his older sister into our club house. It was terrible! But one of my favorite, most funny memories to bring up at Christmas dinner.

I, too, am impressed by the natural egg dye. Really cool and resourceful, and I love the look of them eggs!

One more thing a message to Ruby: Girl, keep on biting into life shell and all. Heeeeeck yeah!


Amanda said...

I love your little gardeners digging out in the dirt!

Kelle said...

I like: "But then I remind myself how awesome it is that she feels beautiful, fast, smart and funny in the tiny yellow dance costume."

I feel it.

I often read Nuggs in the morning with my coffee and then come back at night to read it again and take it in.

The Pixie Cut is so totally in right now. Kate Winslet just debuted a megachopped do, and she looks damn cute.

So does Ruby.

Next time I come to Montana, I wanna see the goat.

Jean said...


Lola said...

I love:
"Sisters. They trust each other, love each other, don't know life without each other"
Just beautiful.

The haircut....
Margot is so cool and Ruby is so beautiful.... The story fits them well. :)

As always, enjoyed it very much.
Have a great weekend!

Daniele said...

I loved seeing your first nuggets. Your beautiful pictures here have got me so so so so so so excited- I'm getting my first DSLR camera tomorrow! My 30th birthday present. I'm just so inspired (and you are definitely one of my inspirations!) to take beautiful pictures of my family. Can't wait.

Kelly Cach said...

Oh, DEAR!!!! I've discovered your blog.....and I LOVE it! This could be dangerous :) I nurse my Nora Girl while I'm reading (or at least that's my excuse to turn on the computer). So needless to say, I'm nursing her a lot.

Your blog (your life) is pure sweetness :)

A new follower,

p.s. you know how most women choose their hairdresser by how they wear their OWN hair? LOL...absolutely love how "Hairdresser Margot" wears her headband!

nic said...

i adore this 'nuggets' idea. what a beautiful life this is.

ps your daughter's justification of the haircut made me giggle. she and my girl would be fast friends. :)

memomuse said...

The picture with the snow on your hair is beautiful. Great friends are like bees buzzing in spring - spreading the sweet nectar and extending life from flower petal to petal. A good friend can breathe life into a fire that is about to go out. A great friend can create a bonfire with a smile.

charitybreidenbach said...

Great post! My son is 18 months and I'm due with our 2nd in August. The last couple of days I've been having thoughts of 'what did we do???' as my little man has been kind of a stinker, but these pictures just remind me that their closeness in age is going to be a great thing! Especially the picture in the bike trailer. I'm looking forward to that!

Susan S. said...

You prolly know this already, but if you really are planning on investing in a goat, you need to get at least two, because goats are social animals. They thrive on potlucks and regular visits to Dunkin Donuts. One goat by him/herself will get lonely and sad and depressed and just will not be all a goat can be.

This is going to be especially important if you intend to continue sedating your children. That picture of Margot and Ruby in the park gives a whole new meaning to swinging higher and higher. I'm not saying they're not cute or cool--they're certainly both in LARGE quantities, and I love it that Margot feels totally free to wear her boots on the opposite feet. I'm saying the girls just won't be able to relate on a goat level when they're stoned and, therefore, won't be able to provide the companionship a goat needs. Plus, they'll get mercilessly goat-butted all over the yard.

Just some food for thought there, Nici. You know I'm behind ya 1000%

Susan ;-)

Malissa said...

Are you getting a goat? I am confused...sedated, stoned kids and goats? Am I reading the same post as others..

Oh well, I really think Ruby's haircut is swell. I remember chopping away at my hair and any other kid's hair I could get a hold of. I just remember how satisfying it was to cut hair..until I got caught. I have heard stories of little ones cutting their mom's locks while sleeping. Yikes! Your kids are a hoot and cute to boot. :)

Jessica said...

Beautiful post! I am new to your blog but have enjoyed all that I have read thus far. I hate to admit it, but I have never even thought to dye eggs using anything but food coloring. Thanks for sharing your life, beautiful pictures, and stories with us readers.

seamusmom said...

I love Ruby's chubby little baby feet on tippy toes in the first pic. I miss baby feet! Love your Easter eggs. Great idea!

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