smokin' plum butter

My friend Connie gave me two generous bags of plums. Last year was the first year I made plum butter and it was complete perfection. I didn't even have to add sugar because it was that perfect. So, this year, I had high hopes.

It was taking me awhile to get around to making the butter so I decided to do it in stages which I have always avoided so I don't waste time or heat (from the stove) or something. But I had no choice as the plums were shriveling and I was headed off to camp for the weekend.

I halved and boiled the plums for about two hours until thick like red sauce. I don't peel the plums and the result is an exquisite color. In fact, here is a secret: I don't remove the skin at all. I think this is a canning sin but I refuse to repent. I then let it cool *gasp* (wasted all that heat), placed the pot in the fridge and went camping.

When I returned today, it didn't take long at all to reheat the plums and it all felt very smooth and easy. It is becoming a challenge, however, to not dip my belly in food as I cook.

Then I burned some perfect plums to the bottom of the goddamn pot. It didn't seem like a big deal because I convinced myself that I could stealthfully stir without stirring up the gunk but when I used my immersion blender I snagged the gunk and now I have smoked plum butter. It really does taste smoked and not bad at all. Just different. It will be great with meat and cheese like baked brie...not so much on a pb & j.

Well, admittedly, it definitely isn't as good as last years. And I had to add a few cups of sugar to take the gunk edge off. Sigh, I am bummed about it. I did make several jars without sugar for bug. I am determined to make a foodie out of her--it is a gourmet twist on the boring nutritionally marginal classic.


lera said...

That's too bad that you smoked it by accident. Luckily you were able to salvage it, though.

dig this chick said...

Lera, I know! It is killing me....all that work. I think I may be trying to convince myself that it will have some use. I wish so badly that I had dumped it in a different pot before I blended.

Wendy said...

You will definitely turn your kid into a foodie, just feed him what you eat.

My nephew (who's baby food was nothing but home-prepared vegetables and grains) now loves almost every single thing that we eat, Indian food, chili, fish tacos... so far the only thing he's rejected is sauerkraut from a Reuben.

And I think the smoked plum butter sounds exotic and yummy.

dig this chick said...

Update on the butter: Anne came over last night and I hesitantly cracked open a jar. We ate it with Amish blue cheese and crusty bread and I have to say, it was great!

Wendy, good to hear about the food--spicy and all!

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