last sunflower

The squirrels got the last word. A twitchy creatures destroyed the last bit of summer in my garden.

I hope the gourmet seeds were too rich for his little tum and he is off in his nest somewhere with the rhea. He dined on my cat's fence perch and left the fresh kill for me to find. The nerve.


whitelj24 said...

we have two, g.d., love bird squirrels in our backyard. this summer, they got really bold: took over the robin's nest in the tree after eating the eggs, ate my dahlias, ate the house plants we had on the back porch for summer lovin', took the bark from my orchids when i was soaking them one day, tried to nibble on our NASTY sleeping bag from Kilimanjaro last weekend...there is more. i don't hate many things, but i hate squirrels. (i'm catching up on my nissy postings)

Fon said...

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