Halloween at our house means putting the pink fairy wings on my darling furry friends and reveling in their adorableness. They love it because they get lots of treats for participating.

Tonight we had our first birth class so we couldn't be around for the dear trick-or-treaters which really bummed me out because I love it. I remember Halloween as a kid and how excited I was to get an entire pillow case full of candy. My mom was a witch every year. We used to have a bunny name Scooter Nookems Budda Boo and she would cackle at the small clowns and goblins that stood on our doorstep while cuddling Boo up near her right cheek and say this used to be my husband. It was awesome.

I left a bowl of Blow Pops on the front steps completely certain some punk would steal them all and smash my pumpkins. But I had to try. When we returned home in the complete fall darkness, I was stunned and pleased to find my suspicions were wrong. Perhaps it was my crafty note. There were seven Blow Pops left.


Patia said...

I love the fairy wings!

sarah said...

that is awesome! i handed out candy in record time. my twelve bags were gone in 1.5 hours!! our street gets really insane for halloween.

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