two years. well, ten, really.

Today my man and I celebrate our two year anniversary. But we've been together for ten. I always have to get that in especially when people see me pregnant and say things like, "wow, you sure are in a hurry!" And then I say, "look sister, there ain't nothin' hurried go'n on here." Anyway, here we are, two years wed and knocked up. An aside: I have had a headache for 31 hours.

Andy quickly threw on clothes after work and didn't realize he was wearing green shorts and a green t shirt and then he grabbed his coat and it too is green. I wore the super hot getup of maternity jeans, a black t shirt and a huge, knee-length, wool, bright blue hooded sweater. smokin'. So, Kermit and Mrs. Doubtfire got take out from our fave thai restaurant, came home and ate with our animals.

I haven't posted in a while because my computer screen goes black for no reason and I am taking advantage of the dimming vision I have for a moment. It could be fleeting. I'll be quick. I am typing through the headache haze for the sake of The Blog.

We decided (or I decided and then told Andy how fantastic it'd be) that it would be great fun to purchase gifts based on the traditional anniversary thing. So, year one was paper. I bought him a book of the permanent collection from Dia: Beacon, where we got engaged. He bought me an ink drawing by our friend, Dustin.

This year is cotton. I bought him some ski tickets for this winter because everyone keeps telling him that when the kid comes he won't get to go and that just isn't true. I absolutely want him to go skiing. What does that have to do with cotton? Well, you aren't supposed to wear cotton while skiing. duh.

Andy thought this year was leather and he bought me a gorgeous green purse! It is Parisian! My man has bought me many things in the last ten years but nary an accessory of this sort. I am stunned. I love it.


The Reluctant Triathlete said...

Your wedding is still one of my favorite days of all time. I love you both and think I couldn't have made a better match if I'd picked it myself.

The Reluctant Triathlete said...

p.s. three friends needs you. (plus, i love the purse. yeah)

The Reluctant Triathlete said...

Open for business: http://reluctanttriathlete.blogspot.com/

Suma said...

thats a really very attractive blog with very cute pictures...


TRB Holt said...

Andy has great taste in women, cats, dogs & PURSES!

Happy #2,(10)!

xoxo, Bug's G-Mom!

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear Nici, You are so lucky that you two picked eachother to spend your life with. Being Andy's mom I find that fact that he thought this year was leather to be absolutely adorable. Andy will enjoy the tickets as much as you will enjoy the purse. Dinner looks fabulous. 31 hour headache, I don't like the sound of that. Love you, J

Jean said...

Love the bag. And the purse, too. Har.

That story of Andy in green is too funny!! But you, of course, were stunning hahahha! Oh, my God, you two are great, the both of youse.

Many happy returns.

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