a run. a beautiful day. a random guy saw me half-naked.

We had a family recreational outing this am. We even got to wear long sleeved shirts. Alice and I ran/hiked while Andy biked.

I am still able to run just fine. In fact, now that my belly is firm like a cantaloupe, it doesn't jiggle like it did in a few months ago. The hot issue while running at 6 1/2 mos. prego? I constantly feel like I have to urinate. And I don't. Have to urinate. Not even a smidgen. It just feels like I am going spring a leak at any moment and yet, when I try to alleviate the situation, sure enough. Nada.

It is unbelievably unsatisfying.

At one such moment when I was certain I had to go really bad and because I had seen nary a recreationalist on the trail I squatted just off the trail. And while I was hovering there in awe of the beautiful place that I live and how I did not indeed have any liquid in my bladder, I saw my first and only human being.

A biker was fast approaching and my instinct was to stand up immediately and attempt to pull up my spandex in record time. Had I stayed low, he would have just flown by but instead I drew attention to my half-exposed self and he just gasped, wide-eyed, "whoa. sorry." And then I just laughed really loudly because, really, what else can you do?

Only two blooms in Montana wilderness right now: aster and spotted knapweed.


lera said...

Oops! I guess the lesson learned is to stay low, huh? :-)

paige said...

That is wonderful. I love those moments....you know he is out there sharing his version of the story somewhere.

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