no fair. whah.

I planted gigantor sunflowers in my garden on May 30. They claim 110 days to maturity and that is pretty much right on as they are just now bursting at 116 days as the days cool and frost threatens. So it is my fault--I always think they will move more quickly for me.

I am bummed I won't get to enjoy them too long. But I will enjoy them. Next year, I'll start the seeds indoors in March.


Wendy said...

Oh, those are gorgeous!

Up until now, I haven't found the right place in our yard to plant sunflowers. They never even get past about 3 feet.

Next year I'm going to try a new spot and plant them with red Amaranth, which grows just as tall as sunflowers and has big red grain heads. I got the Amaranth to grow in my herb garden (well, the girls spilled the packet of tiny seeds there and they grew), so that's where they're going next year!

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